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Building Better Leaders

How HR Can Build Better Leaders

How HR Can Build Better Leaders

Leadership is a key element for a successful employer brand. Yet only 33% of HR executives believe they have a strong leadership program in place1, and just 7% of employees say they have faith in their leaders2.

Dr. Vince Molinaro is one of Canada’s most sought-after leadership experts and the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Leadership Contract.

Dr. Molinaro joined Virginia Brailey, ADP’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for a wide-ranging look at leadership today and the critical role HR executives must play in building a great leadership culture, holding leaders accountable, preparing future leaders and working to build effective leader communities in their organizations.

Click below to watch our four-part webinar or download the audio podcast of the full discussion. Available in English only.

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1 June 2015 ADP Canada HR Leaders survey
2 Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

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