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Transform individual
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Build more teams like your best teams.

StandOut is a simple, strengths-based approach to talent activation that delivers exponential results by leveraging coaching and technology to empower team leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams.

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Accelerate performance
by unleashing the potential of your people

The core value of any company lies in its talent. But tapping into that value requires more than finding and hiring the right people. It demands continuous development through coaching and understanding the uniqueness of each person, to drive engagement.

StandOut, Powered by ADP® Canada

Developed by Marcus Buckingham, an industry pioneer in using data and research to drive talent practices to expand engagement and increase performance in teams, StandOut builds on the practices of the world’s best team leaders to help drive employee development, engagement and performance in real-time, with measurable results.

Identify Each Individual’s Strengths
Start with an assessment to reveal each team member’s strengths and help team leaders activate them.

Coach for Success
Help all team members bring their “A” game with personalized coaching and support tools.

Empower Team Leaders
Help team leaders create the conditions necessary for their teams to thrive, using weekly Check-Ins and prescriptive insights focused on near-term work.

Measure Engagement and Performance
Generate reliable engagement and performance data to see into the organization at the team level, assess team members’ performance, address immediate challenges and opportunities, and inform talent decisions.

Marcus Buckingham

You will be at your most productive, creative, focused, generous, and resilient when you figure out how to play to your strengths most of the time. And when you do, you – and everyone around you – will win.

Marcus Buckingham
Founder of the Strengths Revolution and Co-Head ADP Research Institute – People + Performance

Team leaders are the key to fueling
engagement and accelerating performance.

Together, our world-class certified coaches and proprietary technology provide your team leaders
the tools, insights and data to help turn natural talents into extraordinary employee performance.


Engagement increase in just
over 12 weeks at a professional
of 2,200 people.


Engagement increase at a
large technology company
of 6,000 people.


Engagement increase at top
healthcare provider with
16,000 nurses and

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engagement and performance.

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