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HR Tips for Small &
Medium Business

The ADP HR Tips Series was created in collaboration with Canadian HR experts to help small businesses realize their full potential through better management of human resources. Covering a variety of HR topics in convenient single-page PDF format, these Tip Sheets are designed to help you attract and retain the best talent - and help make your business more competitive, compliant and profitable.

Employee Compensation and Rewards Series (Part 3)

How to Move Beyond Cash Compensation

In part three of the Employee Compensation and Rewards Series, we look at perks. Have you thought about what your compensation packages may be missing? It may not just be money or benefits the talent you want and need are looking for. Everything from culture to work environment impact your talent’s decision to join and stay with your company.

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How Group Benefits Aid Recruitment and Retention (Part 2)

Part two of the Employee Compensation and Rewards Series is all about employer-sponsored benefits plans. If you’re struggling with the decision to offer benefits or not, or if you’re wondering if your current benefits package is the right one, then take a moment to read this article. It will provide you with the questions to ask yourself, as well as tips to get the right answers for your employees and your business.

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How to “show them the money” (Part 1)

Did you know forty-seven percent of SMBs offer some type of benefits plan? In part 1 of the Employer Compensation and Rewards Series, we look at what companies can offer employees … and we’re talking more than just salary.

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How to Plug into Employee Productivity and Data Security

In today’s day and age technology is a big part of our lives, from connecting with customers and employees, to quite simply doing business. As security breaches have become quite common in the past year, this HR Tip sheet will guide over what to do to protect your information and at the same time empowering your employees.

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How to Keep Workers Safe

No one wants their workers to be hurt on the job and not following the government-regulated occupational health and safety rules can be very costly for a company. This HR Tip Sheet provides a guideline for improving workplace safety and preventing injuries.

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How to Make it Work…Remotely

Remote workplaces aren’t a thing of the future they’re a reality today. This HR Tip Sheet provides owners/managers guidelines to keep their teams effective, engaged and motivated in remote work environments.

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How to Set Goals to Enhance Engagement and Productivity

A Performance review shouldn’t be something a business owner dreads, but actually something to be excited about. This HR Tip Sheet will guide you towards making your next performance review mutually beneficial for both employer and employee.

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How to Spot a Fib (Part 2)

In part two, we dwell deeper into some of the most common fibs you will come across and what business owners/managers can do to not be misled. In addition, we take a look at some other tricks for you to make note of.

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How to Spot a Fib (Part 1)

For businesses trying to hire the right people, hiring mistakes can be costly, both financially and in lost time. This HR Tip Sheet provides tips on the top fibs job seekers tell and what business owners/managers can do to foil the deception.

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Year in review

With the New Year, we’re looking back at top HR issues faced by many this past year: Finding Top Talent, Keeping Key People, and Technology The Double-Edged Sword.

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How to Get the Most Out of your Seasonal Workforce

This Tip Sheet provides tips on how to plan for your part-time employees in order to meet your objectives, boost your business productivity and keep your business compliant with provincial/territorial requirements.

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How to Plan Safe and Successful Holiday Parties

No employer wants to see the festive season marred by an unfortunate incident. This tip sheet provides suggestions for celebrations where alcohol is served, along with other considerations for a successful holiday party.

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How to Start New Employees Out on the Right Foot

Formal onboarding programs can improve both employee retention and engagement. This tip sheet provides tips on how to plan an effective onboarding program to help bring new employees up to speed.

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How to Conduct Reference Checks

References can provide vital information about an applicant’s suitability, adding an important dimension to what’s in their resume. This tip sheet contains valuable tips on conducting a thorough reference check.

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How to Write a Winning Job Description

A well-written job description is essential for both hiring and performance reviews – but where do you start? This tip sheet will help you outline responsibilities and qualifications for the next job description you write.

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How to Find Your Next Star Employee

Finding and keeping talented people is essential for success. But building the right team can be difficult, particularly if you’re growing rapidly. This tip sheet explores ways to help you connect with your next star employee.

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