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A Better Way to Do Payroll

See why thousands of small businesses across Canada choose to entrust their payroll processing to ADP®

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The Drawbacks of Using DIY Payroll Solutions

6 ways in-house payroll solutions cost you time and money

  1. Calculating Hours

    Compile timesheets and individually
    calculate hours worked by employees.

  2. Determine Gross Pay

    Calculate individual gross payouts for every
    employee without missing sick days, vacation time,
    or overtime payouts.

  3. Process deductions

    Determine accurate deductions in compliance with
    complex Federal and Provincial tax regulations.

  4. Incurring FTP fee

    Direct Deposit to each employee’s account has an
    additional cost associated for each transaction
    in the form of FTP fee.

  5. Distribute Pay Statements

    Deliver pay statements individually whether
    staff are in-office or working remotely.

  6. Submit remittance to CRA

    Deliver remittance payments
    prior to due dates set forth by the CRA.

Here’s how it works with TeamPay by ADP®

TeamPay by ADP® (“TeamPay”) simplifies payroll for your team, providing your small business with a payroll services tool tailored to your needs.

Submit Hours

Input your employee’s hours in a matter of minutes using ADP’s TeamPay cloud-based platform.

Done by ADP
Account Debits

Money is debited from your business account accurately and on-schedule to better plan your business expenses.


Wages, accurately deducted, are deposited in your employee’s account with the confidence that you will avoid costly government fines for potential payroll errors.

Benefits of TeamPay by ADP® over D.I.Y?

The average small business spends about 12 hours per employee each year on payroll processing. That’s an added cost of over $3000 per year in employee hours—not to mention the money spent on upgrading payroll software and paying for extra features.

Source: ADP Outsource It! Index, May 2007, Environics Research Group

Discover how we compare with your existing software package:

Key Features ADP D.I.Y Accounting Software
Tax Filling Services
Record of Employment Filling
HR Advisory Service
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Let ADP Bring You Peace of Mind

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Introducing TeamPay

A Smarter Way to Automate Your Payroll

Purpose-built for small business owners, TeamPay by ADP® has been designed with you and your small business in mind. Take advantage of our suite of built-in features to help streamline your payroll process and give yourself peace of mind that your payroll will be completed accurately and within CRA regulations.

  • Track employee punch-in and punch-out times easily and accurately
  • Offer your employees features they will love, like direct deposit and electronic statements
  • Avoid costly government fees for tax preparation errors and oversights
  • Stop paying more for less with add-ons to your existing software
More About TeamPay by ADP®

I felt the service [ADP offers] was really something we were looking for and it could help us cut down on time spent doing things like payroll, vacation pay and, of course, T4s at the end of the year... something that took probably 4-6 hours to do now takes 20-30 minutes.

Tony Cappellano, Owner of Boom Breakfast and Co., Toronto

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